Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I Saw A Woman..................................

I was having a very good day today! I had to go out and do some shopping and although it was very hot I was feeling good! I had some cigarettes with me and since the day was so hot I decided not to rush things and I sat down to enjoy a smoke! As I was sitting on the bench smoking my cigarette a woman came down and sat besides me. I noticed that she was going to smoke a cigarette too but what I noticed about it was that she had some small cigarette butts that she was going to smoke. I'm quite sure that she got those off the street. (and it's kind of ironic that she had a lighter but not cigarettes).

Like I said I was having a good day so I decided to give her one of my cigarettes! She thanked me and then went on her way!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was having a good day today - cigarettes and all and
it felt good to be able to do a good deed for someone else!

It also got me to wondering about the state of things today - as far as cigarettes are concerned. It seems that there are those who have a much more worse cigarette habit than me and no matter how bad you think that things are bad for you there is always someone whose situation is much more worse! (Too bad the government doesn't give out government grants for cigarettes!)

So I'm happy-go-lucky today and feeling good! I can go back to work and since I work from home I take great comfort in taking a little cigarette break every now and then!

I didn't get an Adsense payment this month because I didn't make enough money but I will be getting an Adsense payment next month because my online earnings roll over into the next month. But for today I'm feeling good!

Everybody have a good day today!

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